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We achieved a 14% efficiency improvement with our PEM electrolyser compared to state of art.

August 17, 2022

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Our PEM prototype

In collaboration with the Norwegian Sustainable Energy Catapult and Western Norway University of applied science, We built and tested a prototype to validate our novel proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzer technology in a lab environment. During this experiment, we achieved a 14% efficiency improvement with our PEM electrolyzer compared to comparable commercial electrolyzers. These results further validate our technology as a source of disruptive innovation to the green hydrogen value chain and our potential contribution to making green hydrogen a competitive decarbonized energy carrier.

We plan to expand the experiment in 2023 to get one step closer to market entry. Scaling up the pilot and testing it in a production environment, while always keeping the manufacturability and versatility of our systems central to our development process.

PEM electrolyzers can rapidly react to power source fluctuations making them well-suited for renewable power generation and are regarded by many as a central part of the wider adoption of green energy production.

The project was financed with kr 100 000,- by the Norwegian Catapult phase 1 scheme. Norwegian Catapult creates and develops a national infrastructure for innovation. The Norwegian Catapult Programme is a governmental scheme designed to assist the establishment and development of catapult centers, with the purpose of accelerating the process from concept to market launch of the product. The purpose of the Catapult program is to support the innovative capability of small and medium-sized enterprises in specific industry areas in Norway.

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Written by:
Kristian Wikse