Selected for the GreenOffshoreTech Programme

Element One Energy has been chosen to participate in Phase 1 of the GreenOffshoreTech programme, an achievement that affirms the potential of our hydrogen technology.

May 15, 2023

Monday, May 15, 2023

The programme focus on the offshore production and transport sectors

We are pleased to announce that Element One Energy has been selected to participate in Phase 1 of the GreenOffshoreTech programme. This opportunity comes after an extensive evaluation process, where our hydrogen technology proposal was recognized for its potential in promoting sustainable energy in the maritime sector.

This acceptance underscores our team's commitment to driving innovation within the hydrogen energy sector. We're grateful to the GreenOffshoreTech consortium for acknowledging our efforts and potential.

As we progress with Phase 1 of the program, we remain focused on our mission to develop efficient and sustainable energy solutions. We're eager to contribute to this shared goal of a greener future through the advancement of hydrogen energy technology.

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Written by:
Kristian Wikse